All Bedding Italia products have 26 months warranty according with European law, which comes into force as of the purchase date in the receipt. Warranty terms are detailed in the booklet provided at the time of purchase.

What is included in the guarantee?

The offered warranty includes free-of-charge repairing or replacement of parts or components in the following cases:

  • Componenti che presentano difetti di produzione e/o di materiali, che compromettano la funzionalità dei prodotti stessi. Ad esempio, in caso di avvallamento della struttura, molleggio rumoroso di cerniere difettose.

  • Production stains or filth during the manufacturing process or due to faulty packaging - e.g. machinery oil staining, fading nylon etc.

To return a product, please contact the store where you bought the product.

Not included in the warranty

The offered warranty does not include free-of-charge repairing or replacement of parts and components in the following cases:

Products not returned with the corresponding purchase receipt.

Products altered or tampered with by third parties not authorised by the manufacturer, under penalty of loss of warranty validity.

Missing original label.

Failure to comply with the indicated use and maintenance rules.

Products not in perfect hygienic conditions in compliance with the Italian Law Decree 626/94 on the protection of workers’ health.

Flaws due to inappropriate treatment or use, such as the use of excessive force or overloading.

Defects caused by natural product wear.

Damage caused by external agents such as fire, water, steam, etc.

Products with traces of dirt not caused by manufacturing processes such as mould or organic fluid stains.

Use of a Bedding mattress on an unsuitable bed frame.

Personal dissatisfaction with the product performance and/or characteristics after the purchase.

Normal increase in softness or change in the time of recovery of the original product shape; a ± 2 cm dimensional tolerance, due to the joining/splicing of elastic components, should be considered normal and should not be regarded as a defect.

Any dips and/or sags in used surfaces by less than approximately 20 mm, as these values are considered acceptable in consideration of the normal settling of the padding and structure under the weight of the human body.