The innovative Innogel® technology for mattresses and pillows is characterised by a structure consisting of gel-filled cells that adapt perfectly to the shape of the body, conveying a pleasant sensation of freshness. The gel distributes body pressure along three dimensions - guaranteeing an effective ergonomic response. Thanks to its temperature regulation efficiency, Innogel® is able to reduce body temperature by 3°C, and thanks to its grooved structure, it ensures aeration and dispersion of heat and moisture. This will minimise the sleeper’s metabolic activity and the consequent tissue oxygen requirements, with immediate beneficial effects on blood circulation and the quality of sleep. Innogel® is non-toxic, anti-allergenic and anti-microbial, and will maintain its elastic and mechanical properties unchanged in time.

Discover all the properties of Innogel® with the Next mattress from the EvolutionAir line.

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