Elasgum™ is a latest-generation polyurethane foam - unique in offering excellent balance between elasticity, breathability, resistance and resilience. Polyurethane foam is highly versatile, hypoallergenic, ergonomic and not likely to deform with the passing of time. In Elasgum™, these characteristics are combined with an open-cell structure, ensuring mattress elasticity and perfect ventilation. The grooves that run along the structure enhance ergonomics and ventilation, as they create differential weight support areas and allow for air circulation.

Elasgum™ HR (High Resilience) is characterised by more open cells - with resulting even better elasticity and load response. Beeing eco-friendly, recyclable and perfectly resilient, it offers maximum adaptability and softness in perfect synchrony with the environment in which we live
Elasgum ™ HR is also manufactured without any CFCs and is fire resistant* by nature, without requiring additional chemical additives.

* according to norms UNI 9175 (1IM class), California Technical Bulletin 117 sec. A and D, MVSS 302