• Can I purchase pillow covers separately?

    Yes, separate covers can be purchased, similar to those found in Bedding pillows.

  • The structure of my pillow has turned yellow, is it normal?

    The memory and latex structures are particularly photosynthetic and therefore can turn yellow. However, this does not compromise the performance or the hygienic state of the product.

  • How often should I sanitize my pillow?

    The frequency of pillow sanitation depends on your sweating level. However, we recommend to carry out this process at least once a week.

  • How should a pillow be washed?

    We invite you to scrupulously follow the label instructions expressed through international symbols.
    In general, inner structures should never be washed. To sanitize your pillow, it is sufficient to ventilate the structure for at least 30 minutes, taking care not to expose it to direct sunlight or heat sources. We recommend the use of a breathable and washable at high temperatures (60-90°C) fiber lining.

  • How often should I change my pillow?

    According to research conducted by the National Health Service of Great Britain in collaboration with St Bartholomew's Hospital in London and published by the Daily Mail, the pillow should be changed every 2 years. After this period of time, about 1/3 of the weight of the pillow is mainly made up of bacteria, residuals of dead skin, hair and saliva, but above all dust mites with their faeces.


  • Which is the most suitable pillow for children?

    The most suitable pillow for children must be low, breathable and bialveolate, ie with double ventilation holes to be anti-suffocating, such as Serafino. It has a perforated structure in mixed latex (natural and synthetic) and the breathable hypoallergenic Medibed cover, removable and washable at 60 ° C.

  • Which is the correct pillow position?

    The neck should rest completely on the pillow, so it should be placed at least 2 cm below the shoulders. 


  • How should I chose a pillow?

    A good pillow has to support head and neck, keeping them in line with the spinal column. In this way, it offers a correct muscle relaxing, facilitating a good breathing. The pillow width has not to be lower than the shoulder one. Whereas, the height should adapt itself to the sleeping position:

    Low (11-12 cm): it is specified for who sleeps prone - like Placido and Serafino pillow.
    Medium (12-13 cm): it is ideal for who sleeps on his/her back - like Innogel classic and Camomillo pillow.
    Medium-high (14 cm or greater): it is perfect for who sleeps on his/her side - such as Innogel anatomic and Natur pillow.