• Which mattress do you recommend for who suffer of back pain?

    The most suitable mattress is that of medium firmness, because it supports the spine natural curves. On the contrary, mattresses that are too firm or too soft can cause a vertebral musculature stiffening. This is what a clinical study published by the renowned medical journal The Lancet affirmed, clearing the widespread belief that the more firm is the mattress, the more benefits it entails.

    The structures that surround the back, without creating pressure points and consequent lumbar pain, are those that have memory on the surface. Try the Anniversary pocket spring mattress or the Elasgum and MemoryBed Suite mattress. If you are a latex lover, Optima is the most suitable product.


  • How often the mattress should be changed?

    The average life of a mattress is 7-10 years, above all for an hygiene matter. Every night, the body expels:
    - even up to 1/3 of a liter of liquids (sweat and steam), which evaporate only partially during the day
    - about 1.5 grams per day between dandruff and skin, almost 1-2 hectograms per year that always remain on our mattress
    - after only 6-7 years, it is also possible to measure up to 200 gr of dust, composed of organic and inorganic particles.

    A correct mattress maintenance is essential, please follow our advice in the article "When to change the mattress and how to keep it over time".

  • Which mattress do you recommend for allergy sufferers?

    The lining certainly plays an important role, as it acts as a barrier between the mattress structure and the body. The Medibed cover is excellent in these cases: hypoallergenic, washable and can be mounted on all Bedding removable mattresses without additional costs.

    It is advisable to avoid spring mattresses, where the mite proliferation is possible. Instead, it is recommended to choose Elasgum ™, MemoryBed or latex mattresses. It could be surprising, but according to the studies carried out by Centexbel - Textile Center in Belgium - they have shown how this latter material is resistant to dust mites.

  • Does the memory mattress make me sweat?

    No, the memory doesn't make you sweat, especially if it is quality. In the very first times of use, you can perceive a greater heat given by the accelerated saguigna circulation, since the memory does not create pressure points, favoring the natural passage of the blood. Discover our MemoryBed products of the EvolutionAir line.



  • Which is the difference between latex and memory?

    Latex and memory are two different materials: the first one is extremely elastic and offers a pleasant dry sensation thanks to its structure made by microscopic air bubbles interconnected between them; whereas memory is a thermosensitive material, which activates in contact with body heat and adapts to body shapes, avoiding annoying pressure points.



  • Which firmness level should my mattress has?

    Every body is unique and has different needs. Find the nearest Bedding store in the Stores website section and let you help in the most suitable mattress choice with the wright firmness level. Take your time in order to correctly try the new mattress.