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Hotel & Marine

Good sleep is essential, wherever you are. Sleep is a necessity of life, especially when you’re not at home. Travelers, hotel guests, people working away from home, everybody needs a good night’s rest to be fit during the day.

The Hilding Anders Hotel & Marine collection was designed especially for hotels, holiday resorts and marine environments like cruise ships and offshore platforms. The people we have in mind are the guests, passengers and personnel. Their night’s rest is essential, for them and for us.

Our hotel and marine products combine Hilding Anders comfort, quality and durability. They also meet the branches’ specific safety requirements. And of course housekeeping and hygiene aspects have been taken into consideration. Because at the end of the day, everyone deserves a good night’s rest.

Hotel Collection

Hotel Collection

The Bedding Hotel & Marine collection combines the traditional sleep concept with modern technologies. The collection consists of a variety of mattresses and beds, which were designed especially for the hotel, project and marine market. Comfort, hygiene and safety are core values for this special product range.

Marine Collection

Marine Collection

In the marine branche product safety is essential. Our marine products comply with the strictest requirements of IMO and MED.

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