Bedding experience

Gel Yes, Gel No: Gel Yes

Gel Yes, Gel No: Gel Yes

Sleeping on a gel mattress (Innogel) is a unique experience that must be told. The first immediate sensation that one has is about freshness. There is no doubt that people who have a high body temperature or who live in areas with high temperatures for many months a year, they can find an ally in the gel mattress in order to rest well.

In a static situation, this freshness feeling is rebalanced and lessened after few hours. However, as we know, the human body moves several times while sleeping and finds fresh areas that are much appreciated by occupying new spaces.

The second tangible feeling is comfort. It is not easy to define it, which can be achieved in various ways and materials. A little rational support comes to rescue and allows us to say that the comfort offered by a gel layer, placed on a memory foam sheet and both of them supported by a polyurethane structure, is a complete type of comfort and really ergonomic.

The structure drawn on the gel sheet surface, with regular turrets, allows a three-dimensional adaptation to the sleeper body. As the pressure from top to bottom causes the gel squeezes and also moves itself laterally, it offers a welcoming but technically supportive response. It is no coincidence that many technical facilities for people with motor difficulties are made using the gel.

The third sensation is less evident but works more "unknown" and is linked to the padding and the cover, both Well-Q. More than a single sensation, it is a series of sensations that are all interesting and positive for the organism.

Well-Q, a project born from a technological innovation collaboration of Bedding Italia with a supplier partner, has characteristics that promote rest and sleep. In fact, the microorganisms that characterize these materials have levels of energy that improve blood circulation and consequently promote rest and give more charge upon awakening. 

Not only these Well-Q materials contribute to regulate the temperature, avoiding too many leaps respect to the external environment, but also they use an anti-bacterial function thus creating a feeling of greater hygiene in the bed and finally contribute to reduce the humidity levels in case of high sweating.