Sleep peacefully: our beds are Made in Italy

Sleep peacefully: our beds are Made in Italy

Bedding Italia was founded in 1986.
2016 is an important milestone for the company - celebrating that year its 30th anniversary. It is a chance for the company to look back at those past decades of growth and success - a reward for the painstaking craftsmanship applied to sleep and, at the same time, its continuous striving towards innovation. It is not by chance that Bedding Italia was established in Pove del Grappa, near Vicenza.
This is the homeland of Antonio Canova, whose ideals of harmony and elegance are today a source of inspiration for the company - guiding its efforts to recreate the same, perfect shapes.

The products by Bedding Italia stand out for the care applied to details, the quality of the materials, and the refinement of the lines. An exquisitely Italian know-how, acknowledged and appreciated all over the world, translated by Bedding Italia intro mattresses, beds, and bedding accessories for the highest sleep quality performance. This special focus on quality has been acknowledged since 1997, the year in which Bedding Italia obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for design, manufacturing and service - for the first time in Italy in the mattresses and bedding field.

Bedding Italia’s daily commitment to quality control goes hand in hand with compliance with workplace health and safety standards and the search for eco-sustainable manufacturing solutions.

Since 2008, Bedding Italia has been chosen by the Swedish group Hilding Anders International, a multinational company and a leader in the production of mattresses and bedding systems in Europe, Russia and Asia. As part of this group, Bedding Italia shares the most advanced technical skills and valuable knowhow - the fruit of medical and scientific research conducted on an international scale. All this is topped off by Bedding Italia’s thirty years of industry-specific experience and professionalism.

Bedding Italia offers the added value of made-in-Italy products - with their guaranteed quality, creativity and superior design.