A great group

A great group

Hilding Anders International, of which Bedding Italia is part, is present in 40 different markets, with more than 20 brands, 30 companies and close to 9,500 employees. These figures make it a leader in the industry - a position secured thanks to the reliability and quality of every single product. The Group also manages a comprehensive production programme for major international furniture
store chains, and is a supplier to top hotel chains and cruise ship lines.

The Group’s soundness and the inherently Italian creativity of Bedding Italia make for mattresses and bedding accessories and systems up to the highest applicable standards. Market and consumer trends are constantly monitored via national and international surveys: in this way, Hilding Anders and Bedding Italia are always in step with the industry evolution and manage to respond promptly
to any changes, by anticipating trends and new needs.

The international nature of the business also allows for immediate access to the most innovative components, the most advanced technologies and the most efficient production methods. One of the company’s main priorities is research into low environmental impact materials and processes: the welfare of the planet and the wellbeing of people are one and the same for Bedding Italia and
Hilding Anders.

In-depth knowledge of sleep physiology and of material and component characteristics is essential to create systems conducive to restful sleep. Hilding Anders products, created by tapping into these skills, are then submitted to thorough compliance tests. To this end, Hilding Anders founded its own test centre - in collaboration with the AEH Institute of Schänis, in Switzerland: the Good Night’s SleepLab. This lab is unique in Europe in that only here are mattresses tested by taking into account all four bedding system quality evaluation criteria: ergonomics, durability, hygiene and temperature regulation.


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