3D coolness and ventilation

3D coolness and ventilation

A good night’s sleep begins with the sensations inspired by contact with the bedding.
In this, too, we are not all alike. Some prefer a slight sensation of coolness, or a more intense coolness, while others prefer a soft warmth, and others a very warm welcome. For everyone, it is important that these sensations are accompanied by adequate breathability of the mattress and accessories - a guarantee of short- and long-term wellbeing.
Breathability is essential to control the moisture level of the bed - a prerequisite for the perception of comfort; the same is true for preventing the growth of micro-organisms with all related health issues.

For these reasons, Bedding Italia designed its three lines ClassicAir, EvolutionAir and NaturAir, each of which includes mattresses able to respond to different sleeping habits and requirements - while always guaranteeing high breathability standards.

ClassicAir includes spring mattresses, with superior ventilation and cosy comfort level; adjustable for different weights. EvolutionAir offers mattresses made with latest-generation materials, characterised by extremely high performance in terms of both temperature control and body support. Finally, NaturAir includes latex mattresses; this natural origin material has unique properties and is
totally hypoallergenic and ergonomic.